Annual chest freezer de-icing, cleaning, inventory, and organizing. This year it’s especially important since we’re about to get a 1/2 Table Mountain Ranch Beef. So excited!

We had a lot of left over brisket so some went into disco fries.

Tonight’s brisket prepared by my partner using Sous Vide for literally fork tender meat and then finished with convection bake for decadent crust/bark.

My New Markdown Editing and Preview Apps

MultiMarkdown Composer and Marked 2 fit my Markdown needs perfectly. One key item is that I can drag a photo into the MultiMarkdown window and it’ll insert the image syntax with relative paths. For some reason that feature I need is astonishingly rare on other editors I’ve trialed. MultiMarkdown Composer can be set to automatically launch Marked 2 for previews and proofing – real nice. It is a bonus that Marked 2 can easily preview MarsEdit in-progress posts too. I’m using the Pandoctor style in Marked 2 since that matches Pandoc output of my Markdown journalling files. However, I had to edit its CSS to remove paragraph indentations.

Automating Deselection and Unchecking of Twitter Interests -

Automating Deselection and Unchecking of Twitter Interests - The final JavaScript works to automatically deselect Twitter ad interests, but I had to change the timer from 2000 milliseconds to 10000 milliseconds or 10 seconds per uncheck to avoid Twitter Over Capacity errors. The process is taking forever but isn’t invasive at all so this Safari JavaScript console automation can go all week for all I care. By Twitter’s estimation, I am interested in everything in the universe. Including things that greatly raise my blood pressure. Ugh.

From the above website but milliseconds modified from 2000 to 10000. Paste and run in your browser’s JavaScript dev console when on the Twitter ad interests page:

var timer=100;document.querySelectorAll(
"div > input[type='checkbox']:checked"
).forEach((interest) => {

I like Apple Fitness+. HIIT workouts are accessible for a newbie. The trainers make me feel at ease and not judged (it’s irrational). I exercise daily for mental and then cardio health. Usually I’m on an elliptical watching Netflix or I go for a brisk walk.

The preceding sunset was way more picturesque than Jupiter and Saturn 😜

Here’s Jupiter and Saturn through a pair of high powered 9x63 binoculars.

A benefit of not having anyone over for Christmas dinner is we can do wild, special food experiments. So we’re making Sous Vide Smoked Brisket for Christmas dinner. Method 1 with liquid smoke.

The front yard California fuchsias (Epilobium canum) are still flowering and providing forage to the hummingbirds. I really need to cut these back but…. the hummingbirds! And other small pollinators!

And here’s the final caramel. They’re perfect. 🤗

Annual caramel making. These seem 👌and perfectly plastic. Here’s a series of photos showing sugar mixture color at ~300°F, 320°F, near 340°F, after cream & butter added, and cooling to finish. Stressful making these as one errant crystal can cause it all to crystallize.

boling sugar mixture a gold color, almost 300Fboling sugar mixture an amber color, about 320Fboling sugar mixture a dark amber color, almost 340F.boling cream, butter, sugar mixture caramel color.coarse salt caramel cooling in a parchment lined pan

Black Phoebe! These flycatchers are elusive in our backyard.

Unidentified hummingbird enjoying rosemary flowers today. Maybe a Black Chin. Doesn’t seem to have the colorations of an Anna’s.

Split Pea Soup made with a ham hock! Love the cold season 🥰

Just watched the latest Star Trek: Discovery. Did not expect these twists! 😲Helps I don’t watch the “Next Time…” scenes. 🖖

House Sparrows frenetically bathing under the mandarin this morning.

three house sparrows in a shallow birdbath with one sparrow waiting its turn. all under a mandarin tree with ripening oranges.

Giant exhale.

Front yard: today and April 19. I cleaned up a lot of it today. This yard of cultivated native plants is so much more rewarding than a lawn.

Dec 11 2020 front yard, cleaned up and died backApril 19 2020 yard, very green, overgrown, with bright orange poppies

I expected a stressful post-election as Trump clearly foreshadowed his shenanigans but this is nearly beyond imagination. So glad I resumed an SSRI a few months ago (due to panic attack etc). Anyway, here’s a Moravian star, our only exterior facing holiday decoration this year.

Pulling out grass from the cultivated native sage is exhausting. At least I’m perfumed with sage now.

sage full of grasssage with less grass

Currently reading: Shadow Scale by Rachel Hartman 📚

The Annie Cat maximizing sunlight.

black and white cat on a perch taking in a sun beam

Last year this was not our view into the backyard from the house. Now we regularly see White Crowns, House Sparrows, European Collared Doves, Scrub Jays, and less often Lesser Gold Finches. Thanks, bird feeder! What this means for spring/summer tree fruit harvest… 😬

New bird in our backyard! Yellow-rumped Warbler. A pair was feasting on our cultivated California Grapes that now have raisins.