The humble shrub that’s predicting a terrible fire season

The humble shrub that’s predicting a terrible fire season.

I like the rust color of dried out chamise flowers. I don’t like where this fire season is headed.

Peppers and tomatoes garden update: tomatoes are flowering and peppers are finally growing post-transplant. The Drip Depot crop row irrigation kit is ace. 🌱

Our mandarin tree is in full bloom. 🌱🌳

While adding ½ GPH drip to the backyard Ceanothus plants, spotted this glorious lizard doing its thing on our largest Ceanothus. 🌱💚

MeteoBridge Email Weather Alerts & FastMail

MeteoBridge reports my weather station data to all sorts of services. To be rid of IFTTT, I finally set MeteoBridge up to send an email if certain weather conditions happen. And FastMail, to my surprise, has a rule Action for notifications! Yeah, definitely don’t need IFTTT anymore.

The “Fantasia” nectarines are coming along. First ever crop. We’ve had to thin a dozen or so because its branches are too young. We’ll thin more soon. 🌱🌳

a young nectarine fruitthe nectarine tree

iOS Shortcut: RaspberryShake Helicorder 24 Hour PDT Plot

I’ve a RaspberryShake that serves up helicorder plots. By default, they’re in UTC. My brain isn’t yet wired to convert UTC to PDT (my local time). So I’ve modified my original shortcut to overlay PDT onto the left Y-axis. Someday I’ll make this a bit more sophisticated such as switching to standard time or be fully international.

As with the last Shortcut, this one assumes your Shake is resolved at rs.local

Get the Helicorder24PDT iOS Shortcut

Front yard update. Poppies are now blooming, joining the creeping sage and the Ceanothus (California Lilac). 🌱

light purple sage flowers, golden poppy flowers, and violet ceanothus flowers.

Backyard Elderberries are seeking pollinators.

yellow elderberry flowers against elderberry leaves

Our “Bacon” Avocado tree is blooming basically right on time as compared to last year on April 11th. It has yet to produce any fruit and it is supposed to be self-pollinating. 🌱🌳

It’s been well over a year since since we last saw lizards in our backyard. I blame outdoor cats. These are alligator lizards and I’ve spotted them twice in the last week. That gives me hope we’ll see them regularly again.

alligator lizard at bottom of fence looking at the camera.small alligator lizard in some leaf litter.

This seems like a legit earthquake signal. Happened in the middle of the night April 2nd so cultural noise is minimal.

#Earthquake recorded on the #RaspberryShake #CitizenScience seismic network. See what’s shaking near you with the @raspishake #ShakeNet mobile app

I just hooked up one more drip line to the little Antelco eZyvalve valve box. I think I’m done for the season reconfiguring our drip system. Time to see how reliable this thing is. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the last two valves. Spares for now. 🌱

Spring mornings in our front yard. Sage and Ceanothus are in full bloom. 💚🌱

sage (light purple) and ceanothus (violet) flowers.

Our native California grapes have been very busy over the last week! 🌱

This morning, two Northern Mockingbirds briefly hung out on our backyard patio. It seems super rare to see a pair of them.

We planted all our indoor pepper and tomato starts. The Serranos looked most distressed prior to transplant 🤞🌱

RaspberryShake Helicorder 24 Hour Plot iOS Shortcut

I rapidly made a iOS 14 Shortcut that automatically pulls the last 24 hours of helicorder plots from your #RaspberryShake (it assumes a rs.local hostname). Handy to have on the Home Screen. Let me know if there’s any problems. If you’re not in the US west coast, you’ll need to adjust to UTC from your time zone (look for Add 7 hours). Get it here.

I just installed this Antelco eZyvalve 4 Zone Valve Box. I’m very pleased so far. We’ll see how durable and long lasting it is. I’ll be connecting drip to it. It’s wired to my Rachio Gen 2 irrigation controller.

I used the Controller app to create an automation that triggers upon press of my Logitech doorbell button. Then I converted it to a Shortcut so that upon doorbell press, my dining room lights will flash. Real cool. So the light is Set on or off and then reversed depending on the light status.

Ceanothus (California lilac) is magnificently blooming. 🌱

Row Crop irrigation kit from Drip Depot installed. Really pleased with this so far. I need to stake the tubes in a bit. Will be planting in a week or two. The peppers & tomatoes are hardening now. 🌱

Currently reading: 1Q84 (Vintage International) by Haruki Murakami 📚

Finished reading: A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin ★★★★★ 📚. I honestly could barely put the book down to sleep. Super.

J&J Vaccine ✅ thanks, quick call list!!