TBH, Fall is grilling season here.

A happy scrub jay feasting on some big bird seeds.

scrub jay eating bird seed on the ground

Gorgeous loaf of homemade sourdough.

Tore out the bark beetle infested Lapins Cherry today. It was half dead by beetles girdling it. In November we’ll put in a new Lapins Cherry from Stark Bros.. The old tree was from a big box store and while it provided prodigious fruit it was oddly pruned and I couldn’t fix it.

Three year old beetle infested tree we tore outthe tree removal crater left. it is hard work.

Our dropped off California ballots were collected and accepted. I get very anxious when signing — afraid of signing it wrong. I practice a bit first.

On iPhone 12: I love the telephoto lens so I’ll wait for the 2.5x camera or better to migrate down into the iPhone Pro from the Max. The Max is a nonstarter for my small hands. My 11 Pro already pushes my limits. As for the super wide angle lens, I use that more than I expected.

Saved this gorgeous western alligator lizard this morning from a murderous outdoor cat. It was cold, on its back, and sluggish (very vulnerable) when I scared the cat away. It seemed uninjured.

Siri Shortcut for Meteobridge Weather Report

If you have a weather station with Meteobridge, I’ve made a iOS Siri Shortcut so Siri can tell you about current conditions. You can tweak the weather report using variables on Meteobridge’s template page along with other small shortcut adjustments.

By default it reports current temperature, humidity and gusts in the last hour.

You’ll likely want to change the shortcut’s name. I chose simply “Yard” since Siri on HomePod finds it unique enough to not do something else. And my station is in the yard.

Upon import, It’ll ask for your Meteobridge IP address and credentials. Those are private to your device! Then be sure to go to the shortcut’s details screen to enable Internet access. Test it out on your handheld device then try on your HomePod. If you’re using HomePod, it may need a power cycle to see the shortcut……

Get the Shortcut

Backyard cultivated native elderberries decided summer is over! Yay!

My typical workflow: here’s a thing I need to do. Hm. That seems more difficult than expected. What’s easier than that? And easier than that? No, that’s silly and overcomplicated. Easier than before that? Can I live with that? Probably. Not what I wanted but A-OK.

Just voted🇺🇸

The Annie Cat has seasons. She only uses the wool bed during the cold season.

Lemongrass came back this year after dying back over winter (we also took cuttings over winter and one managed to take). So here’s homemade lemongrass ice cream topped with praline. 😋

Franciscan Assemblage. Mendocino NF. ❤️

Been a few years since we first wanted to mulch the backyard. Weather got nice so here we go with 10 cu yd of chips!

We made roasted hot pepper sauce recently. A mix of jalapeños, anaheims, serranos and yellow wax peppers (more orange red upon ripening)👌 Worth the wait growing and ripening peppers to red. 🌶

For iOS 14 Shortcuts, seems the volume control function for AirPlay devices is only reliable after the audio begins. So for a DarkNoise shortcut, it switches to an AirPlay device, then DarkNoise plays, and finally after a four seconds wait the volume is controlled.

Coconut-Gochujang Glazed Chicken With Broccoli is pretty good. We added Gochugaru (Korean pepper flakes) for extra heat. Would recommend serving as a rice bowl though. It begged for a bowl.

Tess of the Road was excellent so now reading where it all started: Seraphina by Rachel Hartman 📚

Billions of almonds waiting to be hulled.

Western Toad finally makes a reappearance in the backyard and it has GROWN. Wish I had something for scale.

The Annie Cat is so displeased that the game controller isn’t working right.

Excellent sourdough shape, crumb, and pretty good flavor (48 hour refrigerator proof).

Accidentally scrolled to the bottom of Sunlit app credits 😉

Today’s obligatory wildfire smoke scene. Halide app made it dead easy to override auto white balance.