The front yard blue oak has awakened!

This should be my last nectarine flower photo. This year.

pink to magenta nectarine flower

Easiest way to deal with (perhaps) hundreds of mandarins once ripe: juice them. These have brightened to very red-orange I wonder if they are closer to tangerines?

mandarins cut in half. they're very seedy.mandarine juicemandarin tree ringed by rocks

The nectarine is up and at ‘em with many glorious blooms. 🌱🌳

Pompasetting nectarine.

Not my favourite 3/4”-minus gravel as the rocks definitely didn’t come from rivers with their headwaters in the California Nothern Coast Range but it’ll do in the backyard. Just as back breaking 😝

One of these days I’ll paint the PVC pipe to hide my poor PVC cementing job and a few barcodes. 🌱

First bloom today of our nectarine! 🌳 🌱

In 2012 our baby kitten (aka The Annie Cat) was just as clumsy as she is today (though she is more cautious now).

A banana slug from a 2010 trip to Jug Handle State Reserve, California (the north coast).

Got a warm spell in California so now I expect the nectarine to bloom any day now. The local almond trees already have.🌳🌱

There are so many colors in a landslide. This slide complex is at Bar Creek on the Mendocino NF, dropping a main road a dozen or so feet and topping it with mudslides - all in a day. Wish I got to the top but slopes were too steep and very slick. Quite the mess. Gorgeous day.

Started prepping the garden rows today. Great weather and perfect soil moisture. Was surprised how well the electric tiller did. 🌱

before tilling 3 rowsafter tilling three rows

I’m experimenting with HomeKit Automations converted to Shortcuts. This one, when a Home member arrives, will turn on a welcome light if the Logitech doorbell reads < 200 Lux. Otherwise it’ll flash the living room lamp to indicate an arrival.

This morning: the most symmetrical Dutch baby we’ve ever had.

top-down view of dutch baby in cast ironoblique view of symmetrical dutch baby in cast iron

The peppers and tomatoes are still alive and growing fast. The tomatoes might get root bound sooner than we’d prefer… 🌱

Today, at home, the spice drawer was cleaned out and organized.

The Fantasia nectarine (planted Jan 2020) is still in swollen bud stage. Has been for days. It’s sooo close to blooming. Here’s hoping it’ll produce fruit for the first time this year!

swollen lateral flower bud with a red tip

Look, I put a pressure gauge on the new hose bibb! I must be an erudite of irrigation systems. 🙃

water pressure gauge on new hose bibb.pressure gauge showing a reading of about 50 PSI.

Korean cheese buldak for dinner tonight. Chicken in a hot chili sauce covered with mozzarella 🌶🌶🌶🌶 😋

cheese buldak

Mount Lassen’s reflection upon Juniper Lake in summer of 2016.

an evening orange glow on mt lassen as it reflects off a tree lined lake

I pressure checked the new hose bibb this morning; it had a slow leak at the valve threads & PVC adapter. Tightening made it worse, so after redoing the pipe thread tape with more layers, the new hose bib seems to be fine at full water pressure.

Front yard update: the manzanitas are in full bloom! The poppies are trying to take over. Waiting on the Ceanothus (California lilac) to bloom… they’re the most showy.

I installed a new hose spigot on an old PVC waterline today. I’m trying to have the patience to give the PVC joints lots of time to cure before pressure testing 😬

Have compassion for your neighborhood birbs and borbs. They may help you relax a bit as you gaze at their theatrics.