Happy to say this sap sucking Leptoglossus zonatus is no longer suckling our tomato plants. 🌱

sap sucking bug on a ripening tomatocaught Leptoglossus zonatus in gloves showing its zigzag markings

These jalapeños decided they had enough being outdoors and came right off the plant during inspection. They look fit to eat though are a little dried out. 🌱

Not sure why the M4.2 Lake Tahoe earthquake event isn’t showing up in the RaspberryShake app but my Shake definitely detected it. I did not feel it.

Our oldest jalapeños are starting to ripen to red. We can’t get delicious ripe peppers from the local store so it is worth growing them. We’ve got a few more days of temperatures where fruit will set… and tons of flowers. Should be very productive! 🌱

a jalapeño that is slowly turning red

Front yard Toyon (Heteromeles arbutifolia) is flowering now. Small pollinators are rejoicing. Maybe this winter it’ll finally have bright red berries. 🌱 small white flowers amidst slightly serrated green leaves. A small fly like pollinator sits on one flower.

Serrano & Santa Fe peppers are doing great and just a few dozen tomatoes with end rot. Jalapeños are quickly recovering from black spot. Thai peppers are so close to fruiting and fennel bulbs are growing (not shown). 🌱 Nice long Serrano pepper A bunch of Santa Fe peppers coming in tomato end rot presenting with brown soft circles on the bottom tomato plants

Partner made Boston cream pie (dessert after an amazing ribeye). 🤤

First bloom of cultivated California fuchsias. The California buckwheat is about to start feeding pollinators. Toyon is next, though about a week behind last year.🌱

My partner uses my Apple ID for apps and her own for iCloud. When I changed my Apple ID email, her (my) App Store Apple ID seamlessly switched over. Later, her devices tried wrongly to switch her iCloud account to my new Apple ID. iMessages freaked out first. All fixed now. 😖

I just changed my Apple ID email address. That was scary. I think everything is fine? Took a bit of device coercing. Some needed complete log-offs, other devices figured it out on their own. Really inconsistent and that made it more scary. Hope I never have to do that again.

Western redbud has to share soil with a bird planted sunflower.

I think we are having a bumper crop of figs this year. Oh and we did find some tomatoes with end rot but seems localized for now. We likely added calcium to the tomatoes later than we should have. 🌱 young green figs on a fig tree brown end rot on a tomato

Front yard California fuchsias (or maybe the buckwheat or the toyon) are next to flower. Our fuchsias and buckwheat can flower all summer into fall and sometimes into winter. Red fuchsia flower bud getting ready to bloom

YesPlz #129 nailed our preferred roast (medium-ish). First time with YesPlz. Was well balanced and not overly acidic. YesPlz (weekend roast) on the left, Tres Pontas (weekday roast) on the right. Basically the same perfect roast but very different beans.

I created a shuffle albums Shortcut a while back. It’s now retired for the iOS Albums app. It’s great with its focus on albums and I love its insights. Album’s new releases section isn’t polluted with artists from Apple Music’s Radio.

With the latest iOS, if a martini is in my face, Apple Watch unlocks my phone 🤗

Ensalada Hybrid Tomatoes are doing extremely well in Orland, CA. No sign of end rot or any disease. 🌱

bunch of tomatoes

yellow tomato flower

Santa Fe pepper flower and a young Santa Fe pepper. We did get a bit of bacterial spot (?) on the jalapeño plants but that seems to have winked out. 🌱 Santa Fe pepper flower with white petals Santa Fe pepper, yellowish, growing upwards

Got a new work truck today. Looking forward to breaking it in next week. Hope it handles as well as or better than the last rig 🤞

Pineapple Guavas (Feijoa sellowiana) are flowering. Perhaps this year they’ll fruit.

pink flower petals with red filaments and yellow anthers

Our cultivated native California Grapes are coming along very nicely. Same can’t be said for our new cherry tree (more on that later perhaps) 🌱 a bunch of green, unrobe grapes hanging in the sunshine

California Corn Lilies contrast with a burned Forest. There’s possibly shallow groundwater below this patch.

Green corn lilies amidst dark brown and black burned trees and soil broad green leaves of corn lily with a few red ladybugs

A Shooting Star (Primula) flower in the August Complex burn area about ¼ mile north below the summit of Black Butte.

A purple, yellow and black shooting star

iNaturalist hasn’t confirmed but these purple flowers appear to be Moss Phlox (Phlox subulata) near the cirque & summit of Black Butte in the northern Coast Range of California in the Mendocino National Forest. Again, the rocks make the shot!

Glacier Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum) from near the summit of Black Butte in California’s northern Coast Range. Rocks always make a photo great, but I am biased.